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How do you get to cascade?

Not a sand kingdom.

2017 WHY!


its Kinda like this game

try out Super Mario Mania by Simpleteam Guys

i like the game can you make more mario oddyssey Games

Hello, for the first time I played Mario 2Dyssey. I liked the idea overall.  Music and the Graphic were perfect. I made a video about this game if anyone is interested. It starts at 5:56.


Is this controller compatible?

No it doesn't. 

and just use xpadder

How do you get cascade? I've seen it in some videos but the game ends at cap. I know BTG said there was an update that added cascade? Where would I find this?

yeah i was confused too, i beat the boss in cap kingdom got the cutsene, and it just restarted :| i hope the dev sees this so he can help or something.

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but it is really cool

simply download the bigger file

Very very cool!


i do not have 2 bucks why dose it have a price all the mario 2d fan games are free>:(


it's free yes click "no thanks just take me to downloads"

muito bom

If a turtle takes your girlfriend, then just give us a call.
We do rescues for a very modest fee.
We can handle any Koopa Troopa trouble at all-
-with a limited service guarantee!
If you need to catch a bunny, better get out your money,
cause we got a bargain here today!
Baking cookies! Demolition! We'll take any old commission-
-for a pittance of our ordinary pay.
We're the Mario Brothers!
Don't accept any others!
Because saving your princess
is part of our business!
So call up the Mario Bros!
Say you need a golden beetle for your new beetle box-
-or your ape can't be kept inside its cage.
Or perhaps you lost your Power Star in Dire Dire Docks-
-we can find that for a small but honest wage!
Star Road broken? Home is haunted? We're entirely undaunted!
There's no problem too big- -or price too low!
We can dance! He can paint! -I'm a pilot, but he ain't-
We're Olympic-level go-kart-golfing pros!
We're the Mario Brothers!
We're your number one druthers!
We play tennis and soccer-
I'm also a doctor!
Make way for the Mario Bros!
If you've got graffiti to erase…
Or you need our help in outer space!
We can ref a fight or check your piping-
Travel time or teach you typing-
Blast off Bowser's face!
We're the Mario Brothers!
We're discreet undercover!
Need a Rabbid ejection
Or hotel inspection?
We'll plan you a party, yo!
KO Lucario!
Just ask the Mario Bros!

for a demo this good

how do i select


I like it.

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to the devs i didnt pay for the game but easily would have dropped 10$ for it




ok nvm new comment, creator when will cascade come out? are you not working on the game anymore or what, i really like this game its so close to the real game i just want more so please release cascade soon or in the next year or so


am i missing something orr, when i beat the boss it just restarts. is that it or am i missing ALL of the game, bc it shows other parts of the game but its not there for me

good game i really like it and soon please release cascade or once you finish it

theres a glitch in the inner hat with the ? blocks

can you please makes this online



you dont, you have to download it

You show pictures of the cascade kingdom, yet there is no cascade kingdom! Why is that?


the cascade kingdom is probably in development 

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The game works but what is the "ok" button to hit play? I have tried every single key and mouse button but nothing.


whenever I finish cap kingdom, the game resets

its because cascade is not released yet

How do I save game

i cant play cascade kingdom

can someone help me

How do I save game


pls more kingdoms

can you play it online?


Yes there is a download


me cant download de game btw im on mac

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