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what do i actually open this with?


The file I downloaded

is it 32 bit?

my pc is 32 bits

Pretty awesome game. I just need controller support. I would donate again just for that.

I  sory for your loss and I tride it and it looks cealing fan tastic

i cant play the game what so ever i dont have anyhing that can run it and i really need some help here

p.s. im using windows 8.1

i got scamed it sendes me to some sort of messenger app

i ether want a refund or a real game more the real game

the download to the game is this one

Hello, is there any way u share the source code ? 

nice game

i cant download this game :( please fix this

i wish i could support you im so sorry :(


hey so this link is broken so use the game jolt link


I couldn't download it here. it just wanted me to download some random extensions. thx the this link worked

Uhhhh I am in a endless loop of redirecting to this page.

yes, i dont think it is possible to download from this page

yes someone with the same problem

use this link

thx I've been wanting to play in 

this game was awesome thx for making it


how does one download this?


Cannot download, looks great and wanted to play.


It refuses to download and just keeps redirecting me to this page.




I need steps to download and play

looks cool

How can I use a gamepad?

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i can't seem to download it, every time i try to download it, it sends me right back here

please help

cool demake

Shame you can't play it.


it keeps redirecting me back to this website when i try to download it :/


Hook me up with the source code & I'll try to get it unofficially running on the Nintendo Switch

what controls are this? Why would you ever think lets use the full keyboard

You can change the controls in option ,the QSDZM are just names like AXYB :D


Is this game good and finished?


hi yal


Hey SimpleTeam, can we use the files to edit like..edit the characters?


If you want the source code ,I can submit it ,but It is required to have game maker 8 to open it :D



this is cool love it


Thank you :D


you know i love mario 

what are the controls, im stuck on the start of the game

Move with arow keys and select with Q


i want to get over the boxes at the very start

To jump higher you just have to run with D and then Jump with S :D

it doesnt let me, ill try though

Is it possible to make it a .zip/.exe file by any chance?


Yes ,I will add it :D

Okay thanks, I really appreciate it.