Press the mouse's left button : grab the bullet when the it is not red .

Release the  mouse's left button : shoot the bullet when it is grabbed .

Also you can grab the  bullet by pressing werever you want .


This is a submission on the GMTK_jam ,the theme was "ONLY ONE".

Q : So only one what ?

A : I choose to do only one enemy ,only one level , only one mechanic , only one button, only one bullet  , ans only one developper .

Q : What the game  is about ?

A : You are an explorer who is in love with money ,so you go to a cave that contains a lot of treasurs ,YOUR TREASURS ,so you go to get them back you even if the cave is filled by monsters .

PS : For the Ending there are some english mistakes ,I didn't had enough time te correct it ,Sorry ..


If you had lag problems you can download a win version,It's the same game because godot make it simple te export game to multiple platforms ,but you must juge the game based on the navigator version .

Link :

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